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Kristi and Justin King  | October 14, 2017

Talk about the funnest wedding I have ever designed! I am a huge color girl and was star struck the whole process because everything was so incredibly vibrant! I love themed weddings because I am faced with an incredible problem to solve which is... it could be disastrously corny. I don't do corny. I must manipulate the colors and textures to transform a theme into a beautiful and complete story. 

day of the dead wedding.jpg

The bright bold colors came together flawlessly. Two of my favorite flowers that I believe  made this look was the beautiful, small, round and yellow flowers called Craspedia and the whimsical, purple (almost blue) Veronica. 

Though we had to celebrate before the actual holiday, every detail at this wedding was perfectly executed. The favors were actual molded sugar skulls. There was a cigar bar. We set up a memorial table with photos of loved ones gone ahead. There was no detail untouched! 

| Venue: Strawhouse Resort and Organic Coffee | Dress: Simply Elegant Bridal Boutique |

| Planner: Marylin Peters at Simply Elegant Bridal | Hair & Makeup : Bailee Rene Does Beauty |

| DJ: Netsound  | Photography: Essence Photography | Cake: Sublime Cake Design

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