Orchard Picnic Floral Design Workshop

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Holly Kiker Photography

This May I held my very first floral design workshop and I had a wonderful time doing it. There is nothing I love more than seeing individuals inspired to create and learn. 

Floral Design Workshop

I have always loved going above and beyond when it comes to a party (if i can afford it.) And when the above and beyond has the potential to make someone feel special, it is even better. I created a lovely Hors d'oevres bar set up. With different meats and cheeses, salads, fruit and featured some Moseley Family Cellars Wine.  

hors d'oevres display
Moseley Family Cellars Wine

I set up a display table for each attendee to set their arrangement on. That way everyone could see how much their arrangements add when throwing a party or an event. Shout out to Rustic Charm Rentals for lending me the beautiful Safari Chairs.

Rustic Charm Rentals

The arrangement lesson I went with was a very basic design called the Horizontal Arrangement. It was really fun to see everyone understand and execute the instructions I had drawn out for them. Be sure to watch the video below if you are interested in creating this look.

Step by step instructions

Horizontal Arrangement 

Step 1: Create Your Horizon - a long structural branch or flower on opposite ends of the arrangement.

Step 2: Add Your Skeleton - forming the overall shape, don't add so much that you no longer have room for flowers

Step 3: Add Your Focal Flowers - Larger flowers that capture the attention and stand out by themselves.

Step 4: Add Fillers - light airy flowers that take up a bit of space without adding weight to the arrangement. This is a moment that you can add some textures. 

Check out the following video to see one built.

Thank you Holly Kiker Photography for providing such beautiful photos! 

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