Flowers By Season: Fall Wedding

Fall Themed Wedding Style Shoot 

With Holly Kiker Photography

Fall Floral Crown

Fall wedding flowers are absolutely a dream. I love the intensity of the colors and the array of textures you can add in. When I feel the fall season begin to turn into a beautiful cool wonderland my mind begins to plan and scheme. I start to dream of autumn colored roses in wedding bouquets, wedding centerpieces and elaborate floral crowns.

Fall Wedding Theme Dreaming!

It got to about 4pm on Tuesday and I was feeling desperate for something creative to do. So of course I wanted to do the most outrageous and elaborate thing I could possibly choose… a fall themed style shoot. So I texted Holly and asked if she was up for it. Which of course she said yes. And it was go time. I texted a few people about being a model, but of course everyone had things already going on. So once again, I am the model for the sake of needing creativity in my life. I went and found my wedding gown from almost a year ago now (what?) and squeezed in. I went and picked out fall wedding flowers and started throwing together the intense vibrant look that you see here today. 

Fall Wedding Flowers in the Sunset!

We headed out to Clover Creek Preserve in Redding CA and carried all of our props out to be near the pond. Everyone we passed smiled and were positive that our efforts would turn out wonderfully. There was even a hilarious moment that a bicyclist on the trail turned around to take a picture on his little tiny flip phone. 

Gorgeous Fall Bridal Bouquet

I am completely thrilled with how the shoot came together with a certain vintage vibe and I couldn’t be happier with the vibrant background of our location. The fall wedding flowers filled my heart with so much joy that now, a few days later, I'm still smiling.I am so excited for fall wedding flowers coming up this Autumn season and am looking forward to blessing my all of my beautiful brides. 

Vintage Wedding Vibes

Have a wonderful turning of the seasons!

If you are a bride, be sure to go check out Holly Kiker Photography

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I can't believe how gorgeous these photos turned out and the perfection of the colors! I am so glad I could share these with you.

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