Gothic Inspiration

I have the pleasure of knowing some awesome and wonderfully creative people. It is so inspiring and fun to gather with men and women who's dreams and visions are so unique from your own.

The beautiful ladies at De Ja' Vu Salon and I met up the other day to experiment with hair, and makeup; and of course I brought along some flowers. We went with a very deep, dark, vampy, Gothic look. These ladies never cease to amaze me with their skill and knowledge.

Be sure to click the link to their Facebook to see additional pictures from our shoot and don't forget to give their page a thumbs up.

The flowers are red roses (I tinted the edges with black spray paint), purple calla lilies, and a berry i found in the yard that I painted black as well. Instead of arranging these on a halo or wreath, I wired the flowers to a hair comb.

Make up Artist: Bailee Boisvert

Hair Stylist and Photographer: Lisa Campbell

Models: Katie Welin, Valarie Chaney, and Kaci Kuhr