Dahlia Flower- Meaningful Monday

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Flowers and Their Meanings 

The Dahlia is a very popular wedding flower in floral design. The flowers is related to the Aster, Daisys, and the Sunflower. It is native to Mexico and there are over 40 species. 

The meaning of the Dahlia flower is elegance in change, inner strength, creativity and dignity. You would most commonly give this flower in the event of showing admiration to someones for staying true to themselves and being a example of strength.

If you want to get specific in what you are trying to communicate with your dahlia you can choose from different colors. 

Red = strength  "you are strong"

White = pure, "your motives are pure"

Blue = None exist the term "blue dahlia" means "impossible to obtain"

Pink /Purple = grace/ kind, "you handled that so beautifully and gracefully" 

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