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Sweet Pea Meaning

The Sweet Pea is a very common flower in floral design. The flowers scientific name is lathyros odortaus. The genus name comes from the Greek word lathyros for pea or pulse, and odoratus meaning fragrant. So my translation would be a pulse of fragrance. Which is so appropriate! 

The meaning of the Sweet Pea flower is pleasure or delight, as well as goodbye or departure. You would most commonly give this flower in the event of showing appreciation to someone for hosting you. 

When you start focusing on the meaning of color paired with the Sweet Pea, it gets even more meaningful. 

Pink = "delighted to have been with you"

White = loyalty, "will remain yours"

Blue = Peaceful, "part ways as friends"

Purple = esteem/ respect, "parting with great admiration" 

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Sweet Pea Meaning

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