Flower Education

   Providing Floral Education For the  Beginner and Advanced Learner.

Designer Katie Welin specializes in design of cut flowers, and is always seeking out more knowledge on the products she uses. Be sure to follower Velours Designs YouTube page, HERE, to learn design tutorials, flower knowledge, DIY crafts, home project and flower gardening tips.  

"Why Is Flower Knowledge Important?"

It is important as a floral designer to know how a flower will behave when you are working with it. The more you know the easier it is to guide your clients on what they should use or what will even be available to them.

 How much shelf life does the particular flower have? What will the different temperatures do to it? Is it in season. Does being out of season affect price or does it simply drive up the cost? Does this flower need its water changed frequently? 



"How Did you Start Your Business?"

Whether it's your first time buying flowers or you're a regular each week, I'm here to make sure you've got just the right flowers. Each bouquet starts with a  conversation: who's it for? what do they like? what's going on in their life?

If you have no idea what you're looking for, we can talk and I'll sketch out an idea so you know what you're getting and how happy your loved one will be.by seeking out the unique character and vision of her clients. We offer arrangements for any and all occasions; weddings, birthdays, sympathy, anniversaries, or holidays. We pride ourselves in bringing you the most customizable and personal  floral experience.


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