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Sarah and David Dinius

This beautiful June wedding was held at the bride’s parents home in Redding CA. The design was simple and sweet, but still impactful and full of beauty.

The arch was my absolute favorite design. We did eucalyptus garland swooping down the arch, framing in the sheer fabric. We placed clusters of flowers at each place of tension. We also placed olive garlands down each long rectangle table in the reception area. After the garlands were placed we tucked roses within the garland. There were also white lanterns placed along the tables. So beautiful!

The flowers included lavender, lilac spray roses, white and lilac roses, white peonies, purple mums, olive greenery and a variety of eucalyptus. Each flower was perfect for this sweet wedding design. I love how the bouquets had a romantic elegance and yet were so whimsical and fun.


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Each design created by Velours Designs is customized to the needs and desires of each couple. We provide service to the Redding, Ca area, as well as Palm Springs, Ca.

Photographer: Anni Graham

Velours Designs specializes in bringing your dream day to life. Focusing on elegance and beauty, we will meet all of your floral needs. We handcraft all of our floral pieces, tailoring them to the hopes and dreams of our clients in hopes of surpassing all of their expectations.

Velours Designs provides services in Redding and Palm Springs, CA and surrounding areas. We are available for destination weddings.

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Flowers By Season: Autumn Bouquet

Redding CA Florist: Whimsical Autumn Bouquet

The first week of September arrived with all the wonderful and beautiful symbolism's of the season. Beautiful cool weather. You can see the beginning subtleties of leaves turning color. I see girls running to Starbucks to get pumpkin spiced lattes. All inspiring things, but no events scheduled for me.  

Redding CA Florist: Autumn Bouquet

So of course I was itching for something creative to put my hands to and called up my friend Holly Kiker Photography. I asked if she wanted to spend her Friday afternoon taking pictures of pretty things and she of course jumped on board. Then I went and saw Tammy over Rustic Charm Rentals about showing off some of her pieces. I love sharing creative moments with others. Especially others who's talents and creativity are different from your own.

Redding CA Florist: Autumn Bride Bouquet

I believe, and highly recommend, that the best way to spend a Friday is doing something you love. I simply love to create and my life happens to revolve around creating in the world of flowers. So Friday's (and a lot of other days of the week) look very beautiful... in a messy, creative person kind of way.

Redding CA Florist: Floral Crown

Buckets of greenery and flowers. Leaves and trimmings strewn over the floor and counter top. Tape and ribbon unravled. I run out the door with my creations for a fun time with the girls, leaving a glorious mess behind me.

Redding CA Florist: Autumn Bouquet

I don't mind the mess when I get home till the next morning and smile as I go to bed, satisfied with a day well spent.

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